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Systeming was formed in 2010 as the company providing a wide range of services in the field of data centers, the supporting infrastructure and facility management with critical infrastructure.

We have gone through an important development in the year 2015, when we extended our service portfolio and our activities. At present, we provide a comprehensive service for our customers across the whole Slovakia.

The core business of our company are comprihensive services in the area of clean rooms and other specific objects with mission-critical infrastructure including design, supply and installation of technology systems, service, maintenance and operation.

We are a team of experienced professionals focused on the outcome. We are the right choice if you are looking for innovative solutions. 

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The company Systeming is the holder of certificate of quality management ISO 9001 and Occupational health and safety assessment series OHSAS 18001. Our system of information security has been certified according to the ISO 27001 and environmental management system ISO 14001.

Our company is also the holder of the certificates and authorizations for the performance of a specialized services and professional inspections, tests of reserved technical equipment within the meaning of applicable legislation. 


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