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The core business of our company are comprehensive services in the area of clean rooms and other specific objects with mission-critical infrastructure including design, supply and instalation of technology systems, service, maintenance and operation.

Clean rooms are specially enclosed spaces designed to allow full control over the air quality, mainly the air-particle size, sterility, temperature, humidity and possitive room pressure. Clean rooms are constructed of special building elements and air conditioning systems. Clean rooms prevents contamination of peaople or products and ensures a dust-free and sterile environment. Clean rooms and their quality for each specific area of use (pharmacy, biochemistry, Electronics, healtcare etc.) are defined by the relevant standards and regulations, in particular Europen STN EN 14 644 standard, European Commision Directive EC 2003/94/EC, Slovak law directive 553/2007, Slovak law regulation 83/2013, etc.

The key activity of our company is to provide our customer with professional solutions in the area of ventilation, air filtration, cooling systems and ensuring quality of clean rooms and associated controlled environments.

Our services include consultancy, audits, elaboration of operation regulations and documentation, validation of clean rooms, laminar cabinets and surface, air and water disinfection.

Systeming also provides specific Solutions for objects with Bio Safety Level (BSL 2, 3, 4) and Civil shelters.

1. Design and consulting activities

  • Technology and energy audits, analysis
  • Measures and solution optimization
  • The feasibility study
  • The project documentation at all levels
  • Operational rules and risk analysis

2. Development and system integration

  • Design of technological Solutions and processes
  • System integration of functional units
  • Stabilisation of operation environment parameters
  • Continuous monitoring of environmental parameters
  • Automation of technological processes
  • Software and hardware ICT solutions

3. Implementation of technology solutions

  • The construction of critical infrastructure
  • Implementation of cleanrooms and clean production premises
  • Installation and modernization of technological units
  • Engineering, construction supervision and coordination activities
  • EPC projects (Enerby Performance Contracting)

4. Support services

  • Specialized service and maintenance
  • Validation and disinfection of the premises with a controlled environment
  • Technical inspections and examinations of restricted technical equipment
  • Surfaces, air and water disinfection
  • Operation of the properties with critical infrastructure
  • Central dispatching